• Certification of Care Givers
    PriHEMAC trains and certify people who wish to become health care givers
  • Seminar and training of Care Givers
    A cross-section of students training to become care Givers
  • A trained Care Giver on the field
    Certified care giver attending to the elderly

It is of common knowledge that governments set policies and develop programmes which trained staff in their employment are expected to implement. For various reasons however, the objectives/targets of governments are hardly met despite the inputs, contributions and support of multilateral/bilateral donors and/or collaborating partners.
These observed gaps between existing realities and desired standards/goals/objectives cause frustration among policy makers, consumers and providers of health services. These persistent defects/gaps are the needs which Primary Health Care and Health Management Centre (PriHEMAC) is set up to correct/bridge. While working with the government staff, the officials of collaborating Agencies/Partners and other NGOs, it is the vision of this organization to promote the health status and well-being of members of the communities particularly the mothers and children through capacity building of identified workers/students, improved provision of health services and community empowerment.

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